Five beautiful and tranquil guest rooms, each with two full-size beds and private bath.  All rooms feature modern amenities such as central air/heat and ceiling fans.  Restful color schemes meld European antiques with relaxed “ranch furnishings”.  All comfy beds feature beautiful handmade quilts.  The “Wild Bird Room” and the “Ducks and Hearts Room” are upstairs rooms in the Main House.  The “Wildlife Art Room”, the “Fly Fishing Room”, and the “Wildflower Room” are downstairs rooms in the Guest House, a few short steps from the Main House. If you have a preference for a specific room, please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

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Wild Bird Room
Birding Room

Monica’s favorite room! The Wild Bird room, a large upstairs room in the Main House, has recently been spruced up with new carpeting, lighting, and walls.  The warm new paint color projects an overall cozy glow.  Original art, limited edition prints, and photographs feature our feathered friends.  Even though this room has an added single bed, it is still one of the Inn’s roomiest.  This room’s large private balcony has a spectacular bird’s-eye view of our pristine ranch country.
Ducks and Hearts Room
Ducks and Hearts Room

Two of Monica’s favorite collections are featured in this upstairs room in the Main House – ducks and hearts!  Romantic heart motif adorns the beds and walls, while ducks of all sorts (carved, porcelain, straw, to name a few) perch on the antique German shoe rack brought back from the Burdette’s years in Europe.  This newly refurbished room has a cozy private balcony from which spectacular sunsets can be viewed. 
Wildlife Art Room
Cowboy Room

This spacious room in our ground floor Guest House has Texas “written all over it”!  Denim coverlets accented with bandana quilts, pillows and window treatment.  Collectible signed and numbered wildlife art adorns the walls in this rustic room.  High above the entry to the room is an original mural painted by Monica’s mother, Stella Zarate, of a wildflower-strewn Texas landscape.  This room is so spacious there is room for a single bed in addition to the two full-size beds. 
Fly Fishing Room
Fishing Room

Ray’s passion for fly fishing is prominently displayed in this ground floor Guest House room.  Soothing greens on the handmade quilts plus art reflecting fishing venues makes this room a sportsman’s favorite.  Roomy enough for a single bed in addition to the two full-size beds, this is our quietest, most restful room.
Wildflower Room
Wild Flowers Room

Wildflowers, wildflowers, wildflowers!!  This cozy room in our ground floor Guest House features wildflowers on the handmade quilts and in the original art, prints, and photographs on the walls.  Monica herself took some of the wildflower photos here at El Canelo Ranch. 

Rates and Policies